A witch, an angel and the devil. 

A place out of this world, perhaps the Heaven, perhaps the Hell.

LA VIPERA E LA FARFALLA is our animated webcomic about war, plague, love and destiny in Italian Alps in 1917.

You can read it online for free in English, French and Italian versions.

With a blog about history and stories, old recipes, drawing techniques.

English, French, Italian versions.



Destiny and death, friendship and love, tears and smiles…
And all on a football field!

GOLDEN COMBI is our Captain Tsubasa’s doujinshi in three volumes.
The three hardest matches for Tsubasa Oozora and Taro Misaki, the Japanese Golden Combi:
Love versus Friendship,
Love versus Death
and Love versus Destiny!

You can read it online for free in English, Spanish and Italian versions.